Interior painting

Exterior painting

Full repaints

Fully insured

Fully experienced



Professional workmanship

Your job is professionally organised from start to finish, all work is carried out by our team of professional painters who adhere to our high standard of quality and safety.


We are  fully experienced in all forms of body corporate painting and have completed over 200 body corporate projects.


Detailed Quotation

You get a written quotation detailing every aspect of the work to be done - from the preparation to the type of paint that is used. So there are no surprises and no arguments over  'what you were told would be done' and what the painters actually did!


Colour choice and advise

We know the value of correct colour choice and the importance that all members of the body corporate approved the colour scheme. This is why we  apply colour samples to the building before we start so everyone can look at the colours on site and confirm their approval.     No one wants to end up in an argument with their neighbours.


OH & S

PSA Painting has an Occupational health and safety program to ensure that all work carried out on your premises is done safely and in accordance with Victorian Worksafe Regulations.


This is essential to ensure that you do not end up in court, due to a workplace accident.



PSA Painting has full public liability insurance -  unfortunately many painting companies save the money, don’t buy insurance and hope that nothing goes wrong. If an accident does occur it is essential that the painting company is  fully covered otherwise you could be held liable for costs.


Long term protection

A five year guarantee on all workmanship and the comfort of dealing with an established and respected professional company that will still be here in five years !!



With over 20 years experience your job will be finished on time with a top  quality finish and  long term protection.



Your job is professionally organised from start to finish, it will run smoothly with a minimum of disruption to owners and tenants.



It costs a lot of money to paint a body corporate property - so it’s important that it is done right.


When you use PSA Painting you  get long term protection and your property will keep looking great year after year.


  • FREE Quotes
  • Fully experienced in all types of body corporate painting
  • Detailed  quotations
  • OH&S policies and procedures
  • Fully insured
  • Colour samples applied to the building to ensure everyone is happy
  • Professional quality finish
  • Long term protection5 year Guarantee